MEPs demand a single cloning and food from clones regulation

MEPs are showing a united front in demanding that two proposed directives on food from clones and the cloning of animals for farming purposes be combined into a single proposal – and a directly binding regulation at that.

Food Technology, Cloning

Row erupts over product placement in Spain

Spain’s Association of Small Farmers and Livestock Producers (UPA) has denounced an ongoing practice of consumer deception by large retailers in the country who are selling French potatoes “as if they were fresh potatoes from Spain and Andalusia”.

Labelling, Advertising, Spain

Food DNA bar codes introduced in Finland

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has introduced a DNA bar code system, making it possible to establish the origin of a foodstuff. DNA methods are increasingly used to detect food counterfeits. They can detect the animal or plant species the foodstuff consists of, or originates from, Evira notes.

Traceability, Country Reports, Finland

Norwegians want warnings on wine labels, finds survey

Eight out of ten respondents in a survey that Opinion has carried out for the Norwegian Policy Network on Alcohol and Drugs (Actis) believes that wine bottles should be given “hazard” labelling for pregnant women and drivers.

Labelling, Health and Nutrition

ENVI and AGRI to hold jointing meeting on cloning

The European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) and Agriculture (AGRI) Committees will hold a joint meeting on cloning on 16 April.

Labelling, Food Technology, Cloning

EFSA upholds view that probiotic heart cheese is claim unproven

The European Food Safety Authority has upheld its opinion that a claim related to “Lactobacillus plantarum TENSIA® in the semi-hard Edam-type ‘heart cheese’ of Harmony™” and maintenance of normal blood pressure (BP), was not backed by scientific evidence.

Vermont fights on in face of industry challenge to GM label law

Vermont state officials are hoping the recent determination by the World Health Organization's (WHO) cancer research agency that the herbicide glyphosate can probably cause cancer in humans will help their effort to fend off the food industry’s challenge of the state’s GMO labelling law, Food Chemical News reports.

Labelling, GM

Scientists endorse soda warning label bills in New York and California

Some 34 eminent public health scientists and researchers have voiced support for bills in California and New York that would require warning labels on soda and other sugary drinks to inform consumers of the risk of diabetes, obesity and tooth decay from excessive consumption.

Labelling, Health and Nutrition, Country Reports, Americas

Commission remains opposed to regulating clones’ offspring

The Commission is sticking to its guns over its refusal to extend a proposed EU ban on cloning and food from clones to products, including food, semen, ova and embryos, from their offspring and descendants.

Food Technology, Cloning

Commission loses access to documents case in EU Court

The EU’s General Court has ruled that the Commission must widen access to documents and was wrong to deny then Green MEP Carl Schlyter a copy of its ‘detailed opinion’ rejecting French plans for a nano register.

Food Technology, Nanotechnology

EFSA: exceeding chemical limits in food the exception not the rule

Exceeding official EU limits for different chemicals in foods is the exception rather than the rule, the European Food Safety Authority said in publishing its latest annual overview of EU-wide monitoring of chemicals in food.

Food Safety & Standards

MEPs call for more money and effort in promoting healthy eating

The EU and its member states must invest more effort and money in promoting healthy eating and the consumption of local foodstuffs amongst children, agreed the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee on 14 April when it amended draft rules on schemes to provide fruit, vegetables and milk to schools.

Health, Promotion

Barry Callebaut cocoa flavanols blood flow claim cleared for capsules

The Commission has given chocolate maker Barry Callebaut the green light to use its proprietary blood flow claim about cocoa flavanols for capsules containing the extract in addition to cocoa drinks and dark chocolate.

Health Claims, Decisions

MEPs vote to scrap nutrient profiles in claims law

A key European Parliament Committee has voted to scrap the requirement that the Commission write nutrient profiles to bar foods high in fat, sugar and salt from bearing claims under the 2006 nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR - 1924/2006).

Labelling, Health and Nutrition, Health Claims, Food Safety & Standards

UK advertising watchdog slams supplements for illegal claims

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a nine-strong series of complaints about web advertising for several supplements mainly aimed at weight loss that online retailer Protein World was selling.

Advertising, Misleading & Deceptive

Italian chocolate maker told to “tone down” marketing in Norway

Norway’s food industry advisory committee (MFU) has told Italian chocolate maker Ferrero, manufacturer of Kinder Chocolate and Kinder Egg, to tone down some of its “child-oriented” displays. MFU’s warning to Ferrero came in two recent decisions based on the food and beverage industry's own policies, which prohibit the marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages directed especially towards children under 13 years, writes Norwegian marketing website

Advertising, Children and Young People, Country Reports

MEPs join calls for EU trans-fat clampdown

A cross-party group of MEPs have joined calls from heart experts for the EU to clamp down on industrially produced trans fatty acids (IPTFAs or trans fats).

Policy, Health

Warning new law might not let countries ban GMOs

Friends of the Earth Europe is warning that the future Commission proposal to revamp the EU authorisation procedure for genetically modified food and feed might not allow Member States to introduce national bans as intended.

Food Technology, Genetic Modification, Policy, Environment