Hearing seeks clarity on future of GMOs in the EU

The EU should examine and clearly define the direction that it wants to take on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the bloc, participants at a hearing in the European Parliament agreed this week.

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End 90-day feeding studies for GMO approvals, EU project advises

A major EU project into regulatory requirements for risk assessment of genetically modified organisms in the authorisation process could sound the death knell for 90-day rat feeding studies.

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Data gap on GM labelling violations, says Andriukaitis

The European Commission has no data on cases in the Member States where food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has not been labelled as such, EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner acknowledged in response to a written question from Latvian centre right MEP Inese Vaidere.

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US food regulator approves GM salmon

The FDA declared genetically modified salmon fit for human consumption in a landmark decision on November 18 that marks the first time the agency has approved commercialisation of a GM animal.

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The Commission has rejected criticisms from non-governmental organisation (NGO) Testbiotech about industry influencing its genetically modified organisms (GMOs) Risk Assessment and Communication of Evidence (GRACE) project.

Munich-based campaign group Tesbiotech has hit out at an EU research project feeding genetically modified organisms to rats as results were about to be unveiled, claiming that industry has swayed the outcome.

In a rare show of unity both industry associations and non-governmental organisations were quick to welcome the European Parliament’s vote to reject the proposal to allow national opt outs on genetically modified food and feed approvals.

The European Parliament has sent the Commission back to the drawing board with its proposal to allow national bans on EU-approved genetically modified organisms with an overwhelming vote against at the Strasbourg plenary.

The European Parliament is gearing up for a 28 October debate then vote on the Commission’s proposal to allow national bans on EU-approved genetically modified food and feed, with MEPs expected to throw out a law they say could cause trade barriers and a shortage of animal feed.

The European Commission is carrying out an assessment to establish whether various new breeding techniques will be subject to the EU’s regulatory framework on genetic modification (GM) – hoping to finalise it by the end of this year.

EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis acknowledged the benefits that genetically modified organisms could bring but also people’s fears of using them at the closing session of the European Food Safety Authority’s 14-16 October conference in Milan.

European farmers’ organisation Copa-Cogeca has welcomed the 13 October vote by MEPs to reject what it called ‘renationalisation’ of genetically modified food and feed authorisation.

A key committee of MEPs has voted to reject the controversial proposal to allow individual Member States to ban EU-approved genetically modified food and feed on their territories.

The European Parliament’s key Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI) is 13 October set to vote down a Commission proposal to allow Member States to ban imports of EU-authorised genetically modified organisms (GMOs).