Latin honey exporters welcome European labelling reprieve

A sigh of relief emerged from Latin American honey producers on 15 April when European parliamentarians approved an initiative that circumvents a GMO labelling mandate by defining pollen as a constituent of honey, rather than an ingredient.

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French Parliament passes bill on GM maize ban

The French National Assembly, the country's lower house of Parliament, has passed a bill prohibiting the cultivation of genetically modified maize, Agrow reports. The action follows a ban by the Ministry of Agriculture last month on the sale, use and cultivation of Monsanto's GM insect-resistant MON810 maize.

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French research institute justifies GMO work

The French national institute for agricultural research, the INRA, has reiterated its role as a public research body aiming to inform decision making and societal debates, Agrow reports.

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Decision on Monsanto’s GM rapeseed goes back to EU Commission

The European Commission is free to proceed with its proposed renewal of the EU approval of Monsanto’s genetically modified glyphosate herbicide-tolerant GT73 oilseed rape.

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French maize growers and seed companies are to appeal to the French council of state, the Conseil d’État, against the re-imposition of a French ban on the cultivation of Monsanto’s genetically modified insect-resistant MON810 maize.

Protestors stormed the European Food Safety Authority’s Parma headquarters on 20 March to denounce the agency’s role in assessing genetically modified organisms in the EU.

An agreement struck between Council and European Parliament negotiators that would mean genetically modified pollen in honey would not be labelled was cleared by a narrow margin this week.

A survey by the UN FAO has found that 26 countries have blocked imports of food or feed because of the presence of low levels of genetically modified crops.

The French Ministry of Agriculture has banned the sale, use and cultivation of Monsanto's genetically modified insect-resistant MON810 maize. The order has been published in the country's official journal, Agrow reports.

A Government report that calls for a less restrictive approach to planting GM crops has been condemned by environmental group Food and Water Europe.

Lobby group Food & Water Europe has called on the UK Government to change its pro-GM position in light of the evidence that “GM and non-GM farming are incompatible”.  

Activists opposed to genetically modified foods have launched a new campaign to pressure Starbucks to stop sourcing milk from cows fed GMOs, including biotech corn, soy, alfalfa and cottonseed, Food Chemical News reports.

The Russian Parliament, the State Duma is considering banning the use of genetically modified organisms in the production of domestic food and feed, Agrow reports.

Environment ministers have managed to break the deadlock over a four-year old proposal to allow individual member states to ban cultivation on their territories of EU-authorised genetically modified organisms (GMOs).